There’s a new version of vipsdisp, a gtk4 image viewer.

Another image viewer??

It can display huge (eg. 100,000 x 100,000 pixel and more) images quickly and without using much memory. It supports many scientific and technical image formats, including TIFF (with some OME-TIFF support), WEBP, JP2, JXL, HEIC, AVIF, PNG, JPEG, SVS, MRXS, NDPI, OpenEXR, GIF, PDF, SVG, FITS, HDR (Radiance), Matlab, NIfTI, Analyze, CSV, PPM, PFM, etc. It supports many pixel types, from 1 bit mono to 128-bit double precision complex.

What’s new

Version 2.5 adds save-as (contributed by angstyloop), better SVG and PDF support, improved mousewheel handling, selectable image backgrounds, and faster and smoother image animation.

Save-as supports all the image write features of libvips, so (for example), you can save any image as a DeepZoom pyramid, or as tiled pyramidal JPEG-compressed TIFF, or as JXL.


There’s a binary on flathub, so it should be easy to try out. And there’s also a homebrew formula, which works surprisingly well.

Technical background

It has some interesting features: